HellasGA BarBQ Fly In 2005

Sunday 23 October 2005


HellasGA 2005 "Barbecue Fly In" report

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Pictures album of the Fly In :
They were uploaded by each photographer member of HellasGA



First aircraft started arriving from 10:00. The weather as you will see in the album charts, was not good in south and west Greece and it was moving northeastbound.

The familiarization flights started early on for the people who wanted to meet general aviation up close.

There were 284 people who came via car.

By air, 29 aircraft came carrying 72 passengers & crew.

Two aircraft had to cancel flight due to weather and one for technical reasons.

63 people participated in familiarization flights with the two Airsafety flight Academy C172 and another 11 with private aircraft.

An information document about flight training was also distributed to people.

141 barbecue coupons were cut

The traffic peak occurred at 13:00 when Dekeleia Aeroclub & friends arrived with 8 helicopters and airplanes simultaneously.

Aircraft participations :

Aircraft Captain
SX-ATK Biris
SX-ATB Paleologopoulos
SX-AGE Sotiropoulos
OK-JUG 24 Kavalaris
OK-JUG 25 Kargadouris
SX-AJX Koudounis
SX-APZ Karavassilis
SX-AKR Paksimadis
SX-AAW Koukouvagias
SX-ARB Chitos
G-BLTK Scleparis
SX-ALM Anemodoura
SX-ATN Argyropoulos
SX-APE Kyriakopoulos
SX-HNT Dedes
SX-HEW Boulenger
SX-HCW Sofianos K.
SX-HTN Sofianos E.
SX-HEX Ververelis
SX-ATC Papasotiriou
SX-HVP Pitoulis
SX-ALY Kourkoutas
SX-ASG Georgountzos
SX-APL Airsafety F.A.
SX-AKW Airsafety F.A.
OK-A101 Gonatas
SX-AEC Gikas


Around 15:00 first departures started taking place and the last takeoff's were at 17:30

SX-ARB that was returning to Ioannina LGIO had to divert due to weather to Agrinion LGAG AB. The base commander and the Hellenic Air Force crew displayed excellent airport hospitality and eventually the aircraft returned to Ioannina on 27/10/05.


HellasGA would like to thank the following for their support and participation in the Fly In (alphabetically): www.aeroservices.gr, www.airsafety.gr, www.aopa.gr, www.dekeleia-aeroclub.gr, www.mesogeion-aeroclub.gr, www.mitiliniairclub.gr, www.globalaviation.gr, www.greekhelicopters.gr, Patras Aeroclub, Pireus Aeroclub, www.ptisi.gr, www.aeroclub-tsl.gr .

Also we thank the individuals who took part either by air or land.

FlyIn Coordinator,



Last update : 11 November 2005