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Πεδιάδα Πλαταιές
Plataea valley, of the famous 479 BC battle

The Battle of Plataea (ancient Greek: Battle of Plataine) was fought in August 479 BC, between the Greeks and the Persians, during the second Persian invasion of Greece.

In 480 BC, the Persians defeated the Thermopylae and subsequently the Greeks withdrew from Artemisio to respond with the victory at Salamis. Xerxes then retreated to Asia, leaving 300,000 men with Mardoni as leader. In 479 BC, the Greeks assembled a large army and clashed with the Persians at Plataea. Although smaller in number, the Greeks attacked and destroyed the Persian army. Mardonius fell into battle.

The victory at Plataea was accompanied by the great victory of the Greek fleet against Mycalis. The battles in Plataea and Mycalis are significant because they eliminated the Persian threat and because after that, the Greeks went on the offensive until the conflict ended in 450 BC.

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