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Album: Twice new year's eve 2013-14

Twice new year's eve in one evening with FlightSimLabs Concorde on FSX simulator.
Concorde reg. SX-DCI of Olympic Air Virtual's Supersonic subsidiary.

Achieved by "overtaking" the date lapse during new year's change from 2013 to 2014.

From WSSS Singapore Changi (UTC+8)
FIMP Mauritius Plaisance (UTC+4)
over the Indian Ocean.

Distance: 3,100nm
Airborne time: 3 hours 33 minutes

The "unusual" above Concorde route was chosen so as to fly west and
A) catch in the simulator in real time the year change around the globe
B) before departure (at UTC+8 zone) and after arrival (at UTC+4 zone) after pilot returned from (real) work at home, but also to,
C) allow pilot to enjoy new year's eve (for a third time in one evening!) at pilot's local time zone (EET) UTC+2 away from PC with family, well after ending the simulator session.

The flight was executed on line at vatsim network.
See the flight as recorded on Vataware with lateral and vertical time profile.

Browse the gallery below to see the flight progress in screenshots.

Click on each thumbnail for medium resolution image.
Right Click on this image then -> open in new window, for high resolution zoomable image.

The images are nothing fancy since all flying was around local midnight hours. The data displayed is the significant part. All are explained in the comments below the screenshots.

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