Sitia - Ikaros Fly In

23 & 24 October 2004


The HellasGA community celebrated its one year of operation with a "Fly In" event at Greece's two airports which recently accommodated the provision of AVGAS 100LL fuel. Aircraft arrived at Sitia LGST on Saturday 23/10/2004 and departed for Ikaros the next day. Sitia had 21 fixed wing aircraft and 3 helicopters at some point. Ikaros the next day had 12 aircraft and 4 helicopters attending the event.

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Sitia-Ikaros "Fly In"

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Participants :

Sitia LGST 23/10/2004

Registration Type Captain Passengers
SX-ART C-182 Kapakas 2
SX-ARF C-172 Ragousas  
SX-AMX C-172 Kimionis 2
OE-KDC DA40TDI Lucio Meli 2
SX-AVL DA20A1 Vassilakis 1
SX-APV C-172 Maliotakis 1
SX-APS C-152 Kelarakis 1
SX-ARL C-150 Kokolakis  
OO-SKG C-172 Papadakis 2
SX-ATK TB-20 Biris 2
SX-ATS TB-20 Mavrakis 2
SX-ACV PA-32 Efstathiadis 1
SX-ANU PA-32 Pavlakis 2
SX-ATI TB-09 Vafias 1
N6305C TB-20 Klaoudatou 2
SX-APE C-172 Kalafati 3
SX-ATN C-172 Anemodoura 3
SX-HTN R44 Sofianos 2
SX-HVP R44 Pitoulis 3
N555KY R44 Alexiou 3
SX-ABL PA-46 Balopoulos  
SX-BSA PA-34 Haskakis 1
SX-KOS C-152 Kerpinis 1
5B-CFZ PA28 Michaelides 1
SX-BIB ATR42 Olympic Airlines :-) 28 :-)

Ikaros 24/10/2004

SX-APQ C-182 Beglis 1
SX-ATK TB-20 Biris 1
SX-ATS TB-20 Mavrakis 2
SX-AKR C-172 Bisbikis 1
SX-APE C-172 Trivellas 3
N502ES C-172 ?  
SX-AGE TB-09 Sotiropoulos 2
SX-ATN C-172 Dourdoulakis 3
SX-HJB R44 Fragos 1
SX-HOR R22 Foleros 1
SX-HCW R22 Sofianos 1
SX-HMK BO105 Kyriakou 1
Experimental RV6A ?  
OE-KDC DA40 TDI Schwarzmeier 2
SX-APT PA-28 ? 1
SX-AJX C-172 Boznos 1
SX-GEB Motorglider Nicholas Bartzelai 1



We have set up an album online where photographers from that weekend uploaded pictures. You can visit the album by clicking on the link below :



Schedule of events :

Aircraft started arriving at Sitia Airport around 10 am. They all parked at the South (new) apron since space would not be enough at the small apron (old). By 4 pm most aircraft had arrived and pleasure flights to local residents already took place, as well as demonstration flights to pilots by the crew of the "Star", Diamond DA40TDI Reg. OE-KDC. Around 6pm last pilots and passengers left for downtown Sitia where they had an afternoon coffee and some local cakes. After checking in the hotels participants met again at 10pm for a group dinner at the tavern downtown.

Next morning some of the 24 aircraft refueled (total 1600 liters) and started departing one by one. By 1pm the first aircraft were already landed at Ikaros airfield. Again there were demonstration flights from the "Star" crew to pilots. Participants enjoyed the complimentary catering facilities provided by Ikaros airfield and by 5pm the 17 aircraft and pilots had left back for their bases.


More Pictures :


HellasGA would like to thank :

  • John Georgantakis and Christos Metaxakis, for their priceless help in Sitia airport and town operational preparations for the welcoming and accomodation of more than 70 people for one night.

  • Mr. Dimitris Verigos, Sitia Airport director and Mr. Manolis Chatziantoniou, the Tower controller, who both went beyond their duties to serve the Fly In.

  • John Soldatos, aviation enthusiast in Sitia, who with his luxurious taxi provided rides to the Fly In participants from the airport to town and back during both days.

  • Mr.Zervos from AirBP, who made sure we would have enough AVGAS fuel at Sitia.

  • Ikaros Airfield owner Mr. Moshonis & wife who hosted the second day of this Fly In and provided catering facilities for free to pilots & passengers.

  • Mr. Nikos Moshos who took care of all the operations at Ikaros airfield.

  • "AOPA Hellas" president, Mrs. Yiouli Kalafati who spread the news to the members and supported the Fly In.

  • The following Aeroclubs for their participation : Dekelia, Mesogeion, Paphos, Thessaloniki, Heraklion, Chania, Cretan Eagle and Patras.



Kyprianos Biris

HellasGA "Fly In" coordinator


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